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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 5, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> i'm sam brock. we have been talking about the fact spring is here. it feels like spring and you're dressed for the occasion. nice job. >> by friday, we'll have umbrellas out again. >> spring showers, right. april showers bring may flowers. >> that's true, but nobody likes to have a soggy start to their weekend, right? >> maybe not. but the positive side of things. >> the positive side is today it's going to be dry and temps will warm up into the 70s. if we look at your temperature trend, we are seeing cloud cover, especially along the pinls and also in san francisco. now, we are expecting to see a rise in those temps by about 8:00 a.m., already into the 60s, and then by 11:00 a.m., san francisco will be pretty overcast, not just in san francisco, but also the san jose area expecting to see an increase in high clouds. but at least by 12:00, it will be 70 degrees. i'll have a closer look at the timeline for the rain, but first, let's head over to mike. >> we continue to follow a deadly crash in san jose. i think we just got live
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pictures. here we go. this apparently is the pickup truck that crashed into the sound wall. i misspoke earlier. just a single vehicle. this vehicle is the one, clearly, you can see why the person did not survive this crash. in fact, cypress avenue goes purp perpendicular to moorpark. cypress, someone might have been driving down cypress into the sound wall. i don't know for sure. police are continuing the investigation. this the scene of the deadly crash. while you see hit the sound wall going up to 280, and presumably, it went straight up into the sound wall. that's the intersection closed. just off 280. but there's no off ramp there. in fact, i misspoke here. saratoga, that's the closest on and off ramp. that's a good distance away. freeway traffic and access is not affected, but lives are affected by this deadly crash near the monterey apartments so that short portion is closed through the one neighborhood. as we zoom out to the rest of the bay area, seeing the
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traffic, the south bay, the rest of the bay looks similar because of light traffic around the area. we're recovering from the b.a.r.t. delays out of sfo on the pittsburg line. sounds like the equipment problems have been resolved. >> thank you very much. 5 zk 02. following breaking news this morning. a 4-month-old baby girl has been taken, police say by her father. now, police are searching for her. take a look at the suspect here. this is michael leonard wallin, 45 years old. as you see, body tattoos from top to bottom of his torso. the daughter madeleine was last seen wearing a pink ballerina outfit and wite top. we're at mountain view police headquarters this morning trying to gemore information. the chp has not issued an amber alert, but baby madeleine is considering missing and endangered. kris sanchez will have a live report in about 27 minutes. >> it's 5:02. new this morning, the orlando nightclub shooter's wife is headed to florida from a bay area jail. this is not her. but she is headed there sooner than expected.
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we have been combing through newly released court documents overnight. pete suratos joins us in dublin at the jail where noor salman is being held. good morning, pete. >> good morning. as you mentioned, our newsroom has been working on this overnight, combing through the documents and it looks like or appears that noor salman could be heading to florida soon. now, in our latest information that we're getting, we know that she was in custody here at the santa rita jail in dublin, but it's unclear when she will be released. let's talk about exactly what's in the new court documents. in the paperwork filed yesterday, it shows that salmen waived her right to a scheduled removal hearing scheduled for next week on april 10th. what this means is she won't fight extradition to florida where further court proceedings will take place. it was just in march the federal judge in oakland ruled she could be released on a $500,000 bond, but that was later revoked by a
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florida judge. salmon who grew up in the east bay was charged with her husband, omar mateen, the shooter who charge said, charged with aiding her husband, the shooter who killed dozens of people in the dudley pulse nightclub shooting in orlando. she was arrested in january of this year. as i mentioned, the latest information from our newsroom shows she is in custody here at the santa rita jail in dublin, but things could change with these new developments. we'll continue to monitor the situation and i'll have another update for you in the next hour. we're live in dublin. pete suratos for today in the bay. >> thank you very much. new this morning, the scene has now been cleared after a deadly crash. the chp says could have involved a wrong-way driver. this happened a little after 10:00 last night on westbound highway 84 in fremont at thornton avenue. there's the map showing you where this happened. one person died in the head-on crash. and another person suffered minor injuries. >> richmond police are on the hunt for this man, they say he
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shot and killed his ex-girlfriend and it happened right in front of their two children. >> the man is considered armed and dangerous. the shooting was caught on video. police say yesterday morning, 43-year-old lawyer dashon mcbride pulled his car up next to his ex-girlfriend, franklin. that's when officers say mcbride opened fire and drove away. two of her sons were in the back seat. nbc bay area spoke exclusively to a woman driving a car right behind franklin's. >> i told him, hurry up, because i heard a shot. >> my heart is torn. i'm sorry. i'm broken. i'm trying to hold up for my daughter and my wife and stuff, but i'm asking everybody, if you're out there and you know him, please turn him in. >> mcbride was driving a 2007 silver four-door mercedes-benz s-550 with paper plates. a $2 million warrant is out for his arrest. >> at this hour, a growing memorial right now for the victim, and of course, for her family as we look at candles and
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stuffed animals and notes. this is a story we will continue to follow for you throughout the morning. so many people remembering the victims of a chemical attack in syria this morning. the u.n. security council will hold an emergency meeting today to discuss what happened there. it killed dozens of people. a syrian monitoring group has now raised the number of dead to 83 from yesterday's chemical attack. it happened in northern syria. it was tragic video to watch. many victims are women and children. the syrian government may have been behind the attack, but it's not clear. president trump blamed it on the policies of president obama. russia claims it was syrian rebels. >> democratic leader nancy pelosi also released a statement. the use of chemical weapons on civilians is a war crime that violates every standard of morality and civilized behavior. while president trump cozies up to assad and the russians, children and civilians have once
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again been gassed in syria. >> horrifying events in syria. another issue that the trump administration is confronting is out of north korea. developing story there. we told you last night about north korea's latest ballistic missile launch. this coming after the u.s. and south korean militaries have been conducting joint drills. now, the secretary of state, rex tillerson, responded with what many are calling a terse statement. quote, north korea launched yet another intermediate range missile. the united states has spoken enough about north korea. close quote. >> it's 5:07 right now. happening today in oakland, some of the people who were forced out of their homes after this deadly fire may have to leave the temporary shelter they were staying in. the shelter is slated to close today. but the shelter was also supposed to close last week. but it was delayed. well, we'll find out what happens today. at last count, 11 survivors are still staying there. this morning, we're also learning the name of another victim killed in last week's
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fire. the coroner's office says 41-year-old ashanti key wilson died in that four-alarm blaze. the third of four victims to be identified. >> the city of san jose is helping flood victims get back behind the wheel. the city has arranged for 20 cars to be donated to families affected by all of the coyote creek flooding. some of their cars are completely ruined. each year, san jose puts 150 to 200 cars out of service. most of the 20 cars are donated by -- or they are former patrol cars. the city will deliver five of the cars on monday. the rest will be given out over the next two months. >> and we are anticipating overall fairly nice day. over the next seven days, big changes coming and all in the form of wind and rain. another dry day today. 65, 66 in san francisco. by thursday night into friday morning, we start seeing the rain and winds picking up. friday being the stormiest of
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them all. 58 degrees. the showers look like they will carry over into saturday, so unfortunately, if you had weekend plans, you may want to bring them indoors. over the next several days, we also notice a drop in temperatures because of the strong cold front that is expected to drop us down to 58 degrees by saturday, even in inland areas. 69 by tomorrow, but today, going to be about 77. so overall, the next seven days, big changes ahead. but today is going to be a pretty good one. let's get a check of traffic with mike. >> all right. we're going to start with the b.a.r.t. system. recovering from the earlier problems we had from sfo. maybe delays getting over for the first trains in to pittsburg and bay point. other than that, no problems reported. recovery mode there. an easy drive on the freeways. we continue to follow the deadly crash on moorpark at cypress and san jose. san jose police are following that, as are we. there's the tri-valley, the east bay. no delays for the freeways i just showed you and the travel times for the east bay and the bay bridge, just 15 minutes from
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highway 4 to a clear toll plaza. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much. 5:09 on your wednesday morning. >> nice and early here. scott mcgrew is following our business and tech news. what are you looking at? >> a growing silicon valley company that apparently missed pay day. we'll take a look coming up. >> and a live look inside capitol hill this morning. lawmakers up all night talking before a possible filibuster on president trump's supreme court nomination. we'll break down where everything stands this morning.
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good morning. it is 5:13. and the skies may play a trick on you. we're going to go from cloudy to sunny to cloudy. i'll have an answer for why that's going to happen in about 3 1/2 minutes. mike. >> we're at the scene of this crash. the pickup on the left smashed into the sound wall. a deadly crash at moorpark and cypress. investigators are on scene. we'll track that as well as the freeways and commute coming up. >> thank you very much. it's 5:13 right now. new twist this morning in the investigation of whether donald trump and the officials worked with russia to influence the election. >> right. some trump officials being caught up, we hear, in incidental surveillance. a former obama official now being accused of leaking names.
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tracie potts live with her denial and where this investigation is headed next. good morning. >> good morning, yes, the issue here seems to be you ask the intelligence community to unmask or reveal the name of someone who was caught up in the surveillance, is that the same thing as leaking? susan rice says no and she did nothing wrong. >> i leaked nothing to nobody, and never have and never would. >> former obama national security adviser susan rice admits it's common to request names of americans caught up in surveillan surveillance, but she denies she leaked names of trump officials for political purposes and she rejects president trump's claims that his wired were tapped. >> that's false. >> swept up in the russian influence in the election. >> believe susan rice abused the system and did it for political purposes. >> it's something that warrants oversight and warrants her coming in and testifying.
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>> the president retweeted an article about it. democrats insist the new focus on susan rice is a distraction. >> this is another wild-goose chase that the republicans are sending us on and the president in particular. it's not relevant. >> the latest development as two congressional investigations continue. >> tracie potts reporting from washington. in the meantime, a live look right now at the u.s. senate floor this morning where the democratic senator jeff merkley from oregon is staging his own protest in the run-up to the supreme court confirm vote for neil gorsuch. murkily is holding the floor as he has been doing since 7:00 last night. >> this is obviously a back and forth over the history of supreme court nominations. in the last year or so, part of the protest right now included mocking gop colleagues for their refusal to hold a vote on judge merrick garland. that dates back to president obama's administration.
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murkily will continue to speak as long as he's physically able. >> in the meantime, in silicon valley, one of the most talked about start-up failed to make pay roll on time. >> nothing short of chilling news for that's employees. >> there are a lot of signs saying your company might be in trouble, but no bigger sign than payday comes, payday goes and you don't get paid. bloomberg is reporting that huge new start up leecoho missed pay for their employees. this was a huge company, going to make tvs and cell phones and even cars. bloomberg says paychecks due last friday, payday, didn't come in until yesterday. le eco tells bloomberg had it trouble moving money from china to the united states. they had planned a tech campus in san jose so big it was almost its own city. last fall, they held an apple-like unveiling of all its technology in an event in san
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francisco that was much bigger, much more grand than anything apple had ever done, presenting in four languages, showing off the world's largest television, and that electric car was partnering to build. but fairaday future has run into its own trouble. closing a car plant that it never really opened, andmany media reports say it failed to pay construction crews for its new building near las vegas. >> tesla, meanwhile, continues to skyrockett on the stock market. the company's stock closed $300 a share on tuesday. other automakers slipped on slower sales. >> twitter lost its right to stream thursday night games in the upcoming season. it will go to amazon. amazon will stream ten games next season. the. the trump administration reportedly thinking about new rules to require many visitors in the united states to open their phones and computers. even their social media accounts. the rules on this are fuzzy.
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immigration agents sometimes ask americans, not visitors, but americans to unlock their phones for inspection. there is a push in congress to make those laws more clear. close the loopholes so the agents can't do that without a warrant. right now, yes, without a warrant and you're an american citizen, they can do it. you can try to refuse. >> exactly, but we have heard of many cases like that. people talking about it on social media. >> absolutely. thank you very much. right now, we want to talk about a team that is surging and right into the playoffs. steph curry and the warriors are rolling. we know because we're in april that the playoffs are getting close. talk of tickets is in the air. the ws looking good to head down the stretch. they have won 12 straight games. last night, they beat the tum r timberwolves. >> tickets go on sale today. at 2:00, the priority wait list, and after 2:00, more presale events tomorrow starting at 2:00
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p.m., whatever tickets are left for the rest of us will be available. >> we hope that there's something left over. if you have a ticket, feel free to send us -- >> my new best friend. >> here's a live look at oracle arena. of course, there is not a live look. okay, let's get to the details then. there's no first-round playoff schedule of yet because the season hasn't concluded, but the warriors will play games one, two, five, and seven if necessary in oakland. there's steph curry smiling. regular season officially ends on monday. kevin durant has been injuries, he's expected this saturday. >> only going to build the team more which is great. this saturday, playing here? i'm not sure if it's home or away? >> it's here. my parents are going. >> vianey and i were talking about a soggy weekend ahead. what are some actives. >> indoor basketball game. >> slash brothers while it's raining. >> at least you get one more day
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of dry conditions and then by sunday, you'll be able to enjoy a dry day. again. >> get the kids out the door. >> exactly. if. rr just now getting up, it's pretty mild out there. in the south bay, nice and clear, 55. along the peninsula, overcast skies. 52 degrees in the tri-valley. san francisco also seeing mostly cloudy skies at 52 degrees. 53 for the east bay. and then you're going to notice a change over the next couple hours. we're starting off with mostly cloudy areas and then into midafternoon, it's going to clear out. bi by tonight, an increase in cloud cover again. first, here's a quick check of the temperature trend. by 10:00 a.m., in the 60s. warming up nicely to about 66 by noon. so it's definitely going to be a great day to be outside again, as much as we have been enjoying this weather all week long, it's going to hit the 70s in san jose by about 12:00, 70. we do have those high clouds lingering in the forecast. as the storm system begins to approach, that's when you're going to notice a change in the
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sky. we're definitely going to go from overcast to partly cloudy to cloudy cloudy tonight, and then tomorrow, we're anticipating that rainfall. today's forecast, upper 70s inland areas. then that storm is expected to make its arrival as early as tomorrow evening. hitting the north bay first, and then tracking down through san francisco and along the peninsula, becoming widespread by about 10:00. and if you notice by 11:30, expecting to see heavy downpours. not just for the san francisco area, but also inthe south bay as well. carrying over into friday. by 3:30 a.m. on friday, if you're planning on hitting the road early on for work, please make sure to take some extra time because that wind is going to pick up to about 50-mile-per-hour gusts. i know you're following thatly crash in san jose. >> i want to show you this scene. i'm going to get out of the scene for a second. this signal is at the intersection of cypress avenue and moorpark. that's the roadway that goes this way as i step into the live shot, this way. cypress comes into that and
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there's the sound wall on the border, the edge of 280. this is where the deadly crash happened. there's san jose pd on scene with their investigation. let's show you that overall, the freeways are moving well around the bay area, including in the south bay. 280 is not affected by the crash. this is by the monterey apartments just off cypress. the closest on and off ramp is at saratoga. but definitely a big impact to folks in the neighborhood, so we're tracking this because of course lives were affected on the freeway. the rest of the freeways do move well. we're looking to our maze system. a great opportunity to check here, out of livermore to san francisco, a lot of folks making longer commutes in the morning. let's compare all three routes. they're all about the same. just about the same time right now. the slowing for highway 24 is because of speeds dipping right now. you can get this advantage right now, compare your routes on waze. join urteam and get us the information and we'll get it to you as well. click on the magnifying glass in the waze app, then your name, then teams and select our team.
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nbc bay area wazers and join our community so we can help each other out every day. >> so we can commute together. >> you can follow mike inouye. >> coming up next, the high-speed rail project that can kicking into high gear how you can voice your opinion on the san francisco to san jose leg of that project. >> plus, hundreds of san francisco police officers have to retake a crucial exam. and it has to do with hired actors. we'll explain next. flowg uon sto
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at 5:26 on your wednesday morning, following up on a story we told you yesterday. san francisco muni voted unanimously last night to approve a new advertising policy that rejects ads about public or political issues. it comes after muni received complaints politically charged advertisements. >> bay area's high speed leaders are discussing meetings about how the high speed rail is progressing. they have put out a new promotional video. the rail project is years away from reality, and at this point, is missing key funding. work is now being done to prepare san jose's station just in case. today's meeting takes place at 5:00 in. other meetings are planned for next week in mountain view and san mateo. >> this morning, hundreds of officers will soon be forced to
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retake a test. according to sf gate, 408 officers hoping to get promoted to sergeant will need to be tested again. this is because actors during a role play portion of the test provided them with information that would actually help them. no cheating. >> never. coming up next, we're tracking breaking news this morning. kris sanchez has more. >> mountain view police are looking for a missing 4-month-old babe. they know who took her. it was her father. but we'll tell you why you may not see an amber alert as you hit the road this morning.
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chase. helping you master what's now and what's next. -- breaking news we have been following since we came on air this morning. a 4-month-old baby girl missing. police say her father took her. we have a live coming up next. good morning, and thank you for joining us on this wends. happy you're with us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. all right, you're halfway through your work week. the weekend approaching. we need to enjoy the weather today. >> you know what is approaching? a storm. it looks like it's going to pack a pretty good punch, not just for rain but also for snow. you know, i only take credit for the nice weather. this bad weather, i don't know who else can take credit for, mother nature. we're seeing mild temps and overcast skies. you can see the storm system forming off the pacific. that's expected to make its arrival as early as thursday. we're expecting to see the overcast skies sticking around.
5:31 am
it will clear out quite a bit, and tonight, we see it get really cloudy. that's going to bring the rain into tomorrow. i'll have a closer look at about 5:45. let's get a check of the accident, the deadly accident with mike. >> we're on the scene of the crash. it happened earlier this morning. a deadly crash in san jose. we may not have the shot anymore. there we go. we're going to show this pickup truck that crashed into, it's harder to see, see that ivy? that's a wall the wall between moorpark and 280. this deadly crash scene still being investigated by san jose pd. we'll get you out to the map and show you where that is. the freeways are moving pretty much at speed. a very light traffic. this crash, as i mentioned, you saw the pickup truck slam into the retaining wall on cypress and moorpark. that's the wall between the residential area, monterey apartments and 280, the freeway there. access is not impeded at saratoga.
5:32 am
that fine and completely clear. the update for the rails, we haddier delays for b.a.r.t., have cleared up. now 46 trains running on time. now a delay for ace train number one. train number one a little delayed there. no delays getting to the bay bridge toll plaza, but the metering lights just turned on. just a backup at the toll plaza itself. back to you. >> thank you. at 5:32, breaking news we're following this wednesday morning. an intense search right now a missing 4-month-old baby girl. she was believed to have been taken by her father. >> that is the picture police are using this morning. today in the bay's kris sanchez joining us live in front of the mountain view police headquarters. they know a lot of information here. you were looking into more about the alert itself, why no amber alert. good morning. >> good morning to you, sam and laura. there is no amber alert at this point. there are different criteria for an amber alert and a missing endangered advisory, and baby madeleine is considered missing
5:33 am
and endangered though they know who may have taken her, her father. she's considered missing and endangered because of her age, 4-month-old, and now she's been away from her mother for nine hours. mountain view police released this picture of her with her dad. a 45-year-old white man with brown hair, brown eyes, 6'2", 220 pounds. full body tattoos and he has tattoos on the tops of his hands as well. even if he puts on a long sleeved shirt, you should be able to see those. at the time the baby was taken, he was wearing a white golden state warriors t t-shirt. this is not the exact car they were in, but police say it is like this one. a 2007 nissan altima sedan with paper plates. police said you would notice his car because it has front end damage and rear damage from a recent collision. let's take a look again at the baby and the dad. madeleine is just four months old.
5:34 am
we know babies this age need very particular care. she's about 24 inches long and 15 pounds. she was wearing a pink ballerina outfit with a white top when her dad allegedly took her. if you see the dad and the baby, you should call mountain view police right away. i was just texting with the chp. the agency that issues the missing and endangered advisories and the amber alerts. if that is escalated from missing and endangered to amber alert and the lights start flashing on the freeway, we'll let you know so you can watch for those as you head out on your commute this morning. in mountain view, chris chez, today in the bay. >> hopefully please will be on the lookout no matter. thank you very much. >> also new this morning, the scene has now been cleared after a fate crash that the chp says may have involved a wrong-way driver. this happened after 10:00 last night on westbound highway 84 in fremont. right at thornton avenue. one person died in the head-on crash and another suffered minor
5:35 am
injury. >> a school and a neighborhood in napa this morning still recovering from the chaos yesterday. police officers shot and killed an armed suspect. that drama unfolding a short distance away from west park elementary school. police were responding to reports of a man shooting a gun on bueno street after some sort of fight with a neighbor. that's his car, after he tried to get away. officers set up a perimeter there and then the gun sped from his garage and fired at police. officers fired right back. terrifying parents who had already rushed to the school. >> we ran up to the school. and my mom actually got locked down the principal's office at the school, telling them there was gunshots. while we were driving away, we heard tons of fire, tons of shots. >> as you see there, the driver crashed into a tree and died at the scene. his name has not been released so far. >> it's 5:35. san francisco schools have reportedly hired a new superintendent. the chronicle reports board members authorized a three-year contract for vincent matthews, a
5:36 am
former state administrator in southern california. matthews stands to make a little more than $300,000 a year. and according to a city database, that's right in the same ballpark as san francisco mayor ed lee's salary. >> there's a push to help renters in san francisco from being unfairly evicted. two laws or i should say two bills have been introduced to make it harder for landlords to evecttentants by claiming they plan to live at the property. more than 8,000 residents have been evicted just in the last four years, and owner move-in evictions have doubled in the last five. our investigative unit has been looking into the evictions and you can watch our full report on >> at 5:36, sonoma county leaders have reportedly taking the first tentative steps in adding hundreds of new homes. press democrat reports supervisors yesterday approved an initial plan to add 3,000 housing units in the next five years. about 1400 would be added in the santa rosa area.
5:37 am
the pinwheel spinning on the lawn, wind is tracking with rain to come. >> definitely. right now, what we're mainly seeing is high clouds and mild temperatures on theler radar. we will be seeing bigs, and sam, yeah, we're going to see a big change in the wind. damaging winds with gusts that could hit up to 50 plus miles per hour as we head into thursday night and friday. overall, today is going to be your last day to enjoy these dry conditions. by 12:00, 66 degrees in. 53 right now. not too cold. as you're getting up and ready to go out. san jose, 55 degrees. also seeing a little bit of cloud cover in by 12:00. already at 70. now, we will be climbing yet again into upper 60s and 70s for inland areas. but if you don't get a chance to head out today, tomorrow, you're definitely going to have to hold on to your hats because as that storm system comes in and that cold front kicks in, we're expecting that rain. that wind, and i'll talk closer
5:38 am
about the timeline at 5:45, but let's check in with mike. >> we're going to check with the map system because everything is moving pretty well. i have a couple updates for you. the roadways, a frash for fremont. southbound 880. just got word of. at auto mall parkway, southbound 880 may have two lanes that just got blocked by a crash and some debris. this is in fremont. this might cause a delay. oh, we see slowing coming down from stevenson. we'll track that. again, south 880 approaching auto mall parkway, a crash in lanes right now. new, b.a.r.t. doesn't have a delay. the yellow there, it's recovered now. but now the issue is that the valle vallejo ferry has been canceled. a bus shuttal is in place. theretient be a disruption in service. so far, no problems getting to the bay bridge. 18 minute drive fromway 4 to the bay bridge toll plaza where the
5:39 am
metering lights should be on. >> sounds good. 5:38. we have been coming here on today in the bay, the president's first 100 days in office. >> and laura, this may be one of the most important days ever as he deals with two different crises on day 76. >> also, pepsi getting political in a new ad. featuring a kardashian. fosom-- actns om
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and we're expecting to see a very nice set of temperatures today. but that's all going to change over the next 24s. i'll talk about the biggest changes coming up in just a few minutes. >> plus, travel times for the tri-valley, no real surprises except for the fact that maybe it's lighter than you thought. we do have a crash in fremont and san jose has a couple issues we're tracking. >> we'll check back with you. thanks. it's 5:42 right now. more witnesses will take the stand later today in the trial of three krexzal deputies charged with beating an inmate to death. this comes on the heels of an inmate taking the stand yesterday. juan via testified he and michael tyree were both housed in the same wing of the santa clara county jail. he reiterated to the court what he told nbc bay area previously, that the accused officers
5:43 am
targeted him before going into michael tyree's cell three correctional officers repeatedly hit him in the head. they twisted his arm. they bent his arm behind his back. >> via says he and tyree were housed in the same unit of the santa clara county jail because both were diagnosed with mental health issues. >> wild nature in the middle of the city. a recent string of coyote sightings is holding animal control leaders to hold a workshop in san francisco. not clear how many coyotes live in the city by the bay, but there have been frequent sightings in and around city parks. coyotes usually avoid humans but they can go after pets. city park and animal control workers will join in a conservation group to teach you how to teach them to go away, to talk about ways to cozy up with coyotes. >> nothing like a coyote scaring technique. >> 5:43 right now. californians are still more than 18 months away from selecting their next governor, but that is
5:44 am
not stopping the campaign rhetoric from heating up right now. three leading democratic candidates seem to be emerging. gavin newsom, antonio villaraigosa, and john chong. yesterday, all three of them were speaking separately to members of a crime viver's group. >> turns out arrests are down at the mexican border and the head of homeland security said arrests for people illegally entering the u.s. plummeted in march. john kelly said arrests were down by 400,000 when compared to just the month before. kelly says this is due to president trump's approach to illegal immigration. it's almost quarter to 6:00. the u.s. customs department so far is declieping to say how many bids they received to build president trump's proposed border wall. yesterday was the deadline to submit a pitch and some contracting companies are talking about their ideas. one san diego company wants the wall to be a piece of art with stones and artifacts. another company thinks solar
5:45 am
panels would two purposes. or how about a deck with sweeping desert views? >> scott mcgrew has been examining the president's first 100 days in office. today, we're at day 76. >> and scott, this is the most important day so far of the presidency. good morning. >> good morning to you. two major crises. there will be bickering still in the white house. there's going to be investigations into the russian connection, but today, and in the next few days, we're going to see what the new president is made of, as he deals with a chemical attack in syria. another missile launch in north korea. both could cause the military reaction from the united states. in syria, a suspected nerve gas attack, we think by forces loyal to assad against families and children. we're showing you the video we can. there is video out there that left many of us in the newsroom absolutely speechless. it is awful stuff. the white house issued this statement today's chemical attack in syria against innocent people including women and children is reprehensible and
5:46 am
cannot be ignored by the civilized world. these heinous actions by the bashar al assad regime are a consequence of past administration's weaknesses and irresolution. president obama said in 2012 that he would establish a red line against the use of chemical weapons and then did nothing. the united states stands with our allies across the globe to condemn this intolerable attack. now, this is something we have never seen before. a white house issuing a statement in the name of one president that mentions a second past president. we can't think of another instance of this. it's also not clear from the statement what our policy is going to be. is the use of chemical weaponsing a line in this presidency? past statements from trump indicate he's against taking action. president obama, he wrote in 2013, do not attack syria. is a different tweet. where he talks about how the u.s. must stop taking in people
5:47 am
from syria. but he is definitely tweeted in the past about the tremendous downside. let's talk about the other issue, the missile launch by north korea. this is a ballistic missile launch. i want to be clear. this is video of a test by north korea. it is not yesterday's test. nonetheless, this comes just days before the trump/xi meeting in florida. and it is certainly aimed at disrupting that. the state department issued a statement on this one. this one's far more clear. let's take a look at that statement by the state department. secretary of state rex tillerson says north korea launched yet another intermediate range ballistic missile. the united states has spoken enough about north korea. the state department's statement doesn't have a lot of words, but certainly speaks paragraphs. no more negotiation. all options including military strikes on the table. guys, this aimed as much at china as north korea. we'll continue to watch this critical day in the white house.
5:48 am
>> very much so. thank you. >> thank you for that full breakdown. scott will be looking at president trump's tweets, executive othrders and speeches throughout the first 100 days in today in the bay. you can share your thoughts with scott. >> let's get now to a story that is causing a lot of talk this morning at a time when many people that racial injustice is rampant in this country. a new soda commercial starring fashion model kendall jenner getting quite the criticism. >> she's in a fashion shoot only to be distracted by a protest in the vein of black lives matter. she joins in on the protest and hands a police officer a can of pepsi. the police officer smiles and protesters hug. some critics call the ad tone deaf. pepsi is defending the ad, saying it has a global message. whether you're going to drink pepsi or not, whether you're going to go to outside lands, a lot of people bought the outside lands tickets without knowing who was going to perform.
5:49 am
>> they're not exactly cheap. almost $400. you have to buy the full three-day pass. here's the official poster showing the complete lineup. among the headliners, metallica, the who. we won't be fooled again. and a tribe called quest. three-day tickets go on sale this thursday starting at $375. >> they're pricey. >> that's three days. three days of. >> true. >> tribe called quest. >> a pretty good lineup. >> well -- >> i didn't get my $375 ticket. i'm going to have to save up for that one. >> i got your back. all right, but you know what else i have your back on. the weather. and kari gave me exclusive access to her weather closet. so i'm going to give you guys a peek of what you can expect in terms of the weather, and of course, what to wear. now, outside right now, we're
5:50 am
enjoying some clear skies in the south bay, but if we head on over to kari's weather clause, we can expect to see short sleeves for today. maybe a light hoodie, but it's going to be pretty hot. 77. i don't think you're going to need a sweater. not even at this hour. jeans definitely in place. maybe even some shorts since you're not going to be able to wear shorts over the nextal days with all that rain. which is why i also put in today's closet flip-flops, because nobody is going to be able to wear flip-flops in the mud, and if you do, well, then that's all you. baseball caps as well for today because by tomorrow, the winds will be picking up between 45 to 50-plus miles per hour. that baseball cap is going to fly away. don't wear your favorite cap tomorrow or through the weekend. just wear it for today. and put it away back in the weather closet. but as we expect to change over the next couple hours, you're also going to notice an increase in the temps into some very nice 60s and 70s. santa rosa, 73 degrees. napa, 73. oakland, 72. san francisco and half moon bay
5:51 am
will stick to the 60s, and inland areas will be the warmest, into the upper 70s. let's talk about that storm system that is expected to make its arrival as early as thursday. thursday, by about 6:00, the north bay, san francisco and the peninsula will start seeing some showers. and then by about 11:30, the winds will really start to pick up between 20 and 30-plus miles per hour. coming down with some heavy to moderate downs. by friday at about 4:00 a.m., unfortunately, mike, very busy because the early morn commute especially along the south bay are going to see some heavy, heavy rain, and very gusty winds. as of right now, becoming widespread by about 5:00. so by dinner time, bring it inside and safe travels if you're maybe doing some plans on friday night into saturday because that rain is expected to carry over into saturday morning through about 4:00. it looks like the winds will die down just in time for saturday evening. and then into sunday, which means if you have plans to head to tahoe, you want to pay
5:52 am
attention because we're also expecting a decent amount of snowfall as we head into friday. look at this, expected over 20 inches in twin bridges. tahoe city, over 13 inches. south lake tahoe, over 14 inches. definitely expecting stormy conditions and overall, expecting to issue a microclimate weather alert on friday. that's because of the gusty winds between 20 and 50-plus miles per hour which could cause downed trees and isolated flood concern. for now, i hope the roads are looking good, mike. >> so far, the freeways are looking good. except for fremont. we continue to follow this crash. just got an update from chp. they said there may be as many as six vehicles involved in the crash or at least have pulled over to the shoulder one time. you see all of this slowing now. before you get to southbound 880, jams up to about alto mall where the crash and debris remain in the two fast lanes, over to the right side. fortunately, that will not impede folks if you're taking the off ramp quite as heavily. that's south 880 at auto mall
5:53 am
parkway. we followed deadly crash in san jose at moorpark and cypress. the crew continues at the scene. it does not affect the on or off ramps at saratoga. pretty far from there, but it might affect your traffic into and out of monterey apartments right there by the scene. meanwhile, the rest of the south bay freeway shows a smooth drive. rr show this to you on the waze system a little slowing there, 101, north of 680. the waze indicates there may be actually a crash there. now, look at this route. 34 minutes for that route from 101. a much better vantage. almost ten minutes advantage if you take 85 from the same area from san jose to mountain view. you can dplet the same advantage by comparing your route before you hit the road or pull over for a midride break. go to the magnifying glass, go to your name, then the team name, benjamin agosto wazers. >> we have a new one, too.
5:54 am
mike inouye-waze. >> i said it at like 4:30. >> i sometimes listen to you. 5:54 right now. i do love you too. s flocking to see wild flowers to mend our argument. it's amazing. look at the california poppies. the reason one particular spot is devoid of flowers. >> happening now, we're following breaking news. the search for a missing 4-month-old continues. the baby was taking by her father and is considered missing and endangered. kris sanchez is tracking the story. >> plus, government inspectors have found almost 24,000 safety defects along railroad routes used to ship crude oil. those defects are similar to problems that caused derailments that led to massive oil spills. back with more news in just two minutes. new imorng. a uthn cifoi
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:57 on your wednesday morning. new this morning, a southern california wild flower trail is closed indefinitely after huge crowds of people actually damaged that trail. we have pictures of the super bloom of wild flowers seens across parts of southern california. the trail was closed because the
5:58 am
flowers are actually getting crushed by so many people out there trying to take photos. >> i'm so bummed about this because i was talking with my fiancee yesterday about planning a trip there to see them while they're here. now it looks like they're off lim limits. >> happening right now. 5:58. the manhunt is intensifying for a man police believe gunned down a texas deputy. a vigil was held last night honoring the deputy killed on monday near houston. clint greenwood was ambushed in a parking lot of a courthouse. investigators released this video clip of the suspect's car. you see it circled there. police do not have a motive yet for the shooting. happening today, south carolina woman accused of stealing a baby out of her mother's arms nearly two decades ago is now back in court. investigators say yeah williams posed as a nurse back in 1998 and took a baby from a hospital in jacksonville. the girl was found in january in walterboro, south carolina, where williams was raising her
5:59 am
as her own daughter. >> amazon has ended a legal fight with the federal trade commission paving the way for up to $70 million in refunds on those related to this in-app purchases that can be made by kids. last year, a judge ruled amazon didn't do enough to warn parents some free apps could still cost money or offer safeguards before a purchase finalized. it's 5:59 right now. a warning about counterfeit prom dresses. high school girls looking for a deal on designer prom dresses need to be cautious before buying online. experts say retail prices should be consistent across all authorized retailers. if you're comparison shopping and find a deal that seems too good to be true, it probably is. also, check the spelling of the website. scammers often purchase domain names with slight misspellings of brand names and it's prom season out there. >> clever technique, but you don't want to ruin someone's prom. right now, we're following breaking news. a 4-month-old baby girl taken by
6:00 am
her father. the intense search going on right now. >> it's a story we broke an hour ago right here on today in the bay. the new court documents we have obtained that reveal what may be next for the widow of the orlando nightclub shooter. >> plus, playoff fever is about to start in the bay area. find out when some hard-core warrior fans will be able to pick up tickets for the first round. >> they are fun to watch. thanks so much for joining us this morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. they still have a few games left at home. we were just talking about that as well, including this saturday. k.d. coming back. we're saying on a rainy day, might be a good weekend activity. >> i have still yet to to a game. at least if you're going to be inside kn the rain should be coming down by the time you're driving home from the game. if you're just now waking up -- you have probably been up, but if you're just now waking the kids up, it is 7:00 a.m. e


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